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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Right Equation Education – New Student FAQ

Q: How long have you been here?
- The Right Equation started out in 2012. Our tutors have teaching experience of between 8 to 14 years.


Q: Where are your students from?
- The Right Equation has been coaching students from Raffles Institution, ACSI, SJI (Junior), SJI, CHIJ Sec etc, since 2012.
- The centre also has a student base from SJI International and ISS International doing the IB programme.
- The Right Equation is popular with schools in the neighborhood, such as Ai Tong Sch, Whitley Sec, Catholic High, CHIJ Sec, Marymount Convent, etc.


Q: Are your tutors full-time?
- ALL our teachers at The Right Equation are Mathematics specialists who commit to teaching certain days of the week, for the full academic year.
- Apart from teaching at our centre, you can find our teachers holding Olympiad training sessions in MOE schools, teaching ad-hoc GEP workshops, or conducting Mathematics classes at other centres.


Q: How big is each class?
- Each class has a maximum of 5 students.


Q: How are lessons carried out?
- The Right Equation classes are conducted one-to-one in a small group setting. Students might or might not be working on the same topic at the same time.
- New concepts will be taught, alongside with working on carefully classified worksheets to apply newly-learnt strategies.
- Closer to end-year-exam, all students will be given a chance to attempt past examination questions.


Q: How do students benefit from such a teaching style?
- As our class sizes are small, higher ability students will be able to progress faster using higher order questions, and students with weaker foundation can progress at their own pace. Students are also able to request for his/her teacher to provide revision material for their upcoming tests.
- Our personalized coaching style allows students to work on their weaknesses more effectively has hence enabled hundreds of them to see great improvement in their Mathematics scores.


Q: Do you offer trial classes?
- Trial classes are offered across all levels at $100 per 2 hour session.


The Right Equation Education – Administrative Matters

Q: What is your course fee?

Weekly Class Fee Structure [Per Term*]
Pri 4 & 5 - $540
Pri 6 - $600
Sec 1 & 2 - $660
Sec 3, 4 & 5 - $720
IB 5/6 & JC 1/2 - $800

*Course fees are collected by a term of 8 x 2 hr lessons. One term = 2 calendar months


Q: How are your school terms like?
- We bill on a bi-monthly basis, i.e. Jan/Feb is the first term and Mar/Apr is the second term. (8 lessons)
- For terms with 7 or 9 lessons, the course fee will be prorated accordingly.


Q: Are there any other miscellaneous payments to be made upon registration?
- Yes, there will be a one-time $60 registration & material fee per student per year.
This is a flat fee that is non-refundable nor pro-rated and is payable upon commencement of the tuition classes regardless of the time of registration.
- The centre does not collect deposits.


Q: Are there lessons on Public Holidays?
- We are closed on Public Holidays and there will be no makeup lessons. You will not be charged.


Q: What if my child is sick or cannot attend class because of school events?
- Do inform us in advance if your child is unable to attend lesson. Your child’s tutor will arrange for him/her to attend another class within the next 14 days.
- Should your child also miss the makeup lesson, the lesson for that particular week will be forfeited.


Q: What is your withdrawal policy?
- Students may withdraw at any point. Any remaining course fees will not be refunded. Hence it is advisable to complete the term before discontinuing.
- No notice period is needed.